Jean claude Aumont

"Interdites d'école" documentaire de Jeanette Bougrab sur l'accès des filles à l'éducation dans le monde. KM prod, Canal +

En 2014
- Documentary around the world directed by Jeanette Bougrab, about access of girls and women to education. KM production.
- Un épisode de 90' , en Alexa, dans la série "Le sang de la vigne" , réal Marc Riviere, prod Télécip.
- film prestige sur "Tanger porte vers l'europe". Réal Vincent De Brus, Prod gang films.
- Sortie nationale le 3 septembre 2014, de "Irina" , long métrage, tourne en Red, réal Bernard Mazauric.


From stills to film was a long process of different experiences ranging from documentaries with such great masters as François Reichenbach, to commercials assisting great British and French dops.

A certain instinct and a sense of precision are the result of this mix that make my personality, today, behind the camera. I feel particularly free with a hand held camera.

I approach every comercial as a short film.
Work on more than 50 tv movies is rewarding on the story telling aspect. I really enjoy understanding the characters and following the directors trail to give every movie its particular mood.

I have an extensive experience shooting around the world, and can handle French, English, Italian and Spanish with much pleasure.

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